Christkindl in Denver


Christkindlis a marketplace in Downtown that hosts vendors from European nations. From the Denver Mile High Holiday’ssite:

This year the Denver Christkindl Market will once again host vendors from Germany and other European countries who offer quality, hand-carved wooden figurines, handmade candles, and ornaments. Traditional German food, pastries, and candy as well as authentic German beer and Gluhwein will be featured.

The market can be found on the corner of Arapahoe and 16th St. in Denver.


7 thoughts on “Christkindl in Denver

  1. The market sounds wonderful and I love how the stalls look! We don’t have such pretty Christmas markets here.

    I also like the snowflakes hanging in the background there. Are they all different too? 🙂

  2. German food, crafts and especially Gluehwein are great! (Disclaimer: I am German) But where are all the people? These markets get their flair by people looking at the crafts and happily chatting to their friends while drinking Gluehwein. So people of Denver go there and enjoy it.
    Unfortunately we don’t have such a market in Ithaca.

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